Cover floor holes faster, cheaper, and safer with CoverMe

Keep your project moving along with our quick no tools required installation. Stay OSHA compliant with our beveled no-trip edge and high weight capacity covers. Keep money in your pocket by installing our covers in seconds not hours.

How it Works

  • 6 inch | 6 inch w/ knockout

  • 12-inch

Job sites that use CoverMe are safer

Osha requires any hole 2-inches or greater to be covered on the job site. Covering those holes the old way with 2×4’s and plywood is problematic. Workers trip over the plywood edge, water warps the wood, they can shift or crack under a heavy load, or can be tossed aside by the different trades.

CoverMe has all those issues covered

Explore Our Features

CoverMe Features

  • Beveled Edge

  • Water Resistant stripping

  • Load bearing recyclable polymer

  • Adjustable locking clips

  • Knockout hole for cords to feed through

  • Pre-marked “hole”

  • Reusable

Install CoverMe in a fraction of the time with no tools

It takes an average carpenter 20-30 minutes to cut, install, and mark a cover for a floor hole. That times the countless floor holes on a job site equals wasted time and money. It takes just 5 seconds to cover a floor hole with CoverMe. Simply put a CoverMe floor cover in the hole, adjust to fit the hole size, and lock into place.

Coverme is already marked clearly with the word hole, but has space for more information if needed. There is a punch out where you can run cords through the floor.

CoverMe is a better solution than the old way in every way

The Old Way

Hourly Carpenter



Sheet of ¾ inch Plywood


2 x 4 x 8


Box of screws


Spray Paint


Tools Needed: Circular saw, Screw gun, Extension cord, Tape Measure

Money thrown away at the end of the job


No Labor Needed



Tools Needed:


Use again at the next job



Are they Reusable?

Yes. CoverMe can be removed and used again

Do they meet Osha Requirements?

CoverMe meets all Osha requirements of a floor hole cover. 1910.23(e)(7)(iii), 1910.23 (a)(8), 1910.23(a)(8)(i), 1910.23(a)(8)(ii), 1910.23(a)(9), 1926.502(i)(2), 1926.502(i)(3), 1926.502(i)(4).

How big of a hole can they cover?

Standard CoverMe size covers holes from 2”-6”. Large CoverMe covers holes from 6”-12”.

What quantities can I buy them in?

CoverMe comes in packs of 10

Make your job safer, comply with osha regulations, save money, and keep your project moving with CoverMe.

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